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Cyber Security

Cybersecyrity Awareness Training for Financial Institutions

Background and Context

Globally, the whole financial services industry now relies on robust information communications technology infrastructure and systems to trade with other industry members and also to connect and deliver value-added services to their customers - new products are designed increasingly on this basis. ICT has now become completely pervasive in all aspects of financial services, both in the business to consumer (B2C) market especially in the retail banking sector and in the business to business (B2B) market (corporate/wholesale banking). Actors in the financial services Sector believe that the financial institutions (financial services providers) will continue harnessing the ICT potential in order to deepenconsumer products and services and also ensure efficient service delivery.They have come to realize that the pervasiveness of information technology coupled with the emerging technological phenomena such as cloud-computing, Internet-Of-Things (IOT), blockchain, Big Data, among others; present unique security threats for financial institutions operating in the internet-worked environment. Many financial institutions are now concerned about the the Cybersecurity threats as well as security breaches that could emanate from within the institution (insider attacks), mobile banking channels, and IOT technologies. Against this backdrop, our cybersecurity awareness trainiong is designed to introduce the core staff of these insttituions to the general cybersecurity threats and the emerging technologies to detect and prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Training Scope

Cybersecurity awareness training is important to all staff to keep them up-to-date with the evolving cybersecurity threats, emerging technologies for detecting and preventing cyber attacks,andequipingthem with the requisite skills to develop more resilient cybersecuritycontrols and mechanisms.

GlobalIT is committed to providing effective awareness and technical hands-on training on all cybersecurityrelated aspects. Our cybersecurity awareness training, which is tailored to banking institutions helps participants gain indepth knowledge and skills to detect,identify, and report cyber attacks before they materialise. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility – we believe all employees have a role to play.

Taking this course will reduce risks to the institution as it equips staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify, detect, prevent, respond, and/or report suspicious cyber activities early enough before damage is caused tocorporate data/information andother digital assets. At GlobalIT, we believe that employees play a critical role in ensuring the security of their organization’s information and data.

Particulary, participants will:

  • Increase their knowledge about current cybersecurity trends, threats, and risks
  • Learn about ways they can prevent and report cybersecurity incidents.
  • Be reminded of their responsibility to protect the Institution’s information and other digital assets.
The training will cover the following broad topics:
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity and IOT Security
  • Architecture and processes of Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity landscape for the financial institutions
  • Cyber Crime Trends
  • IoT security challenges
  • Security Considerations in the Mobile Banking environment


Our cybersecurity awareness training is delivered in a work-like environment through a mix of instructor-led lessons,case studies, and audio-visual demonstrations.Throughout the training and for every cybersecurity concept, we teach participants how to analyse a threat, how to collect information about a threat, how to investigate a threat, how to monitor and manage a threat, how to protect and defend information assets targeted by cyber attackers, and how to build controls and mechanisms to increase resilience.

The training is PASS/FAIL and assessment will be by means of interactive group practical/real-life-scenarios and case studies. Passing is by attendance and certificate of attandance will be awarded to qualifying participants.

Training Outcomes

  • Participants will develop the capacity and skill to to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats.
  • Participants will develop the capability to investigate and report cybersecurity breaches through analytical intelligence gathering.
  • Participants will gain the necesary knowledge to develop cybersecurity controls and mechanisms to prevent future cyber attacks.
  • Participants will gain knowledge about the cuyber crime trends in the financial industry
  • The course will help raise awareness about cybersecurity and IOT (device) security risks across the institution.

Training Deliverables

  • Training materials in the form of PPT Presentations, Handout Notes, Video Clips and Case Studies
  • Certificate of Attendance for qualifying participants
  • 20 CPD points for certified Security professionals

Training Schedule

The training will be for 2 days full-time and the proposed training dates are 17th and 18th July 2019.

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