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Information Systems Security Risk and vulnerability Assessment

Many of our clients have engaged us to assist them in carrying out end-to-end vulnerability assessment of their information technology platforms. We provide security assurance services across the broad spectrum of Information Systems Security auditing.

Our carefully designed Systems Security risk/vulnerability assessment methodology identifies strengths and weaknesses in the management, Access and Authorization configuration of your information systems. Our vulnerability assessment procedures usually cover the following areas:

  • Access and Authorization Management controls.
  • Information CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) integrity Control.
  • Operations and Revenue Assurance Controls.
  • Detective controls
  • Incident response management and processes
  • Technical controls

We document vulnerabilities, threats, consequences and the likelihood of adverse events according to recommended standards. Our principal recommendations include risk treatments and strategic approaches to managing systems risk. Our Consultants and Associates have many years of experience in ICT and systems audits, primarily in banking & finance, telecommunications, government, and manufacturing industry. We can work with you to establish and clarify your audit requirements, determine scope and frequency of audits, and conduct specific audits to your requirements.

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