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Public Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS)

Working collaboratively with our clients, we help them plan, design, implement and rollout Integrated Financial Management Information Systems that automate and strengthen the Public Financial Management processes to support reforms in Budgeting, Revenue & Expenditure Management, Procurement, and Accounting in order to achieve timely, transparent and accurate financial and accounting information. We have the requisite experience in planning, designing and implementation of ERP Systems for Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Private enterprises. We implement ERP Solutions based on Oracle EBS, SAP HANA, SAGE-X3, and Odoo Open Source ERP Platforms.

Services under this category include the following:

  • Diagnostic review and readiness assessment of the Public Financial Management Systems in terms of the Institutional and Structural Capacities, Personnel Capacities, and technological Infrastructural aspects.
  • Planning, designing, implementation, and rollout of Integrated financial Management Information Systems which are responsive to peculiar needs of our clients.
  • Documentation of the Financial Management Operations Procedures
  • Review of existing information systems with the objective of determining system weaknesses and subsequently making corrective recommendations.
  • Quality Assurance during Systems Implementation
  • Change Management, Training and Capacity Building

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