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Cybersecurity Solutions

The advent of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) particularly the Internet has revolutionized the way business entities conduct business operations. Bringing benefits of improved access to services, reduced cost of operations, opening of new market niches, efficient information management, increased job satisfaction among employees, among others. However, the same factors that bring about operations speed, efficiency, and effectiveness through the use of Information and Communications Technologies, if not properly monitored and controlled, can leave the Organization vulnerable to fraud, sabotage and malicious or mischievous attacks.

The risks include the fraudulent loss or misuse of computing resources, unauthorized access to Organization information assets, disruption of critical operations through viruses or hacking attacks, and modification or destruction of data while in transmission. Our Cyber Security Solutions are specifically designed to address challenges of this nature.

We have some of the most experienced cyber security experts required to carry out timely cyber activities analysis and investigations to detect any traces of cybercrime attempts ranging from hacking and phishing, to corporate espionage and digital theft of money. Using our sophisticated cyber security tools, we are able to identify vulnerabilities within your IT environment, intrusion, and traces of data theft and/or coverups.

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GlobalIT Business Solutions Limited, is a well-established global Information and communications Technologies (ICT) Company in East Africa, with corporate history that goes back 12 years. It is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda with operations across Eastern, Western and Southern Africa.

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