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Training, Change Management, and Capacity Building Services

At GlobalIT, we strongly believe that capacity building through appropriate training and change management is critical to the overall success of any Information Systems Project. Appropriate training ensures easy and effective system use and enhances user understanding and acceptance of the new systems. Our experienced Change Management and Training Team works closely with your Human Resources Personnel to plan and conduct the necessary trainings and change management sessions emphasis the changes in the underlying business processes, the need to seamlessly transition to the new system, and the post migration support and sustainability arrangements.

We also undertake the following Capacity Building activities

  • User Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Development of Training and Change Management Strategies and Programmes
  • Development of Training Manuals (Module-wise) that are tailored t client needs
  • Conduct Change Management Workshops and Tram Building excursions
  • Impact Assessment of Training Interventions
  • Auditing of Training and Change Management effectiveness

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GlobalIT Business Solutions Limited, is a well-established global Information and communications Technologies (ICT) Company in East Africa, with corporate history that goes back 12 years. It is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda with operations across Eastern, Western and Southern Africa.

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